In January 2011, we moved into our half, of a new 2400 square meter hangar. The size and atmosphere that has been created has already shown positive results. We would like to thank all our clients for their support and our crew for their commitment which has brought us to this level of success.

Powered Flight started in February 2006 with one Robinson RH-22 Helicopter.
Through the support of all our clients, we now have several Robinson RH-22 and RH-44 helicopters and a helicopter simulator.

We decided on Wonderboom Airport as our base for several reasons: It has 1500ft less elevation than Grand Central and Rand, which is significant when training a Robinson RH-22.

The Training area is on the boundry of the airfield’s airspace. North of the airfield is uncontrolled airspace making radio work less intimidating for student pilots.

South of the airfield requires extensive radio work for more advanced students The airfield is large enough for several students at one time to undergo hover training while being in sight of the air traffic control tower. A ground radio frequency has been introduced which has reduced radio congestion.

As a result of the opening of our own AOC (Charter company), we are now in a position to offer a variety of opportunities to students who complete their commercial pilot license with us, in order to enhance their careers. All our training is conducted in our own aircraft and helicopter simulator.


Antilles Helicopter Services is a sister company based in the British Virgin Islands. This holiday destination was identified as a business opportunity since there are a significant number of affluent visitors annually and no local helicopter operator.

As an added bonus to pilots that train at Powered Flight,
we select pilots from within to fly there.
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Fama Helicopters Africa offers two variants of the two-seat turbine helicopters, fixed skids and retractable wheels
This ingenious design is going to change the helicopter training industry.

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